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Necro Bapho is a story I came up with in early 2016. I wanted to created a platform which could be used to tackle subjects ranging from human trafficking to depression. I wanted to write a, noir, action, mystery type of story.


"In a parallel universe, contracts signed with blood take upon the form of demons. The manifestation of these demons are a reflection of the person's inner self . Bound by contract, a select few attempt to break the shackles that bind them to their demons." 

The story follows a crew of 3 individuals, Bapho, Laury, and Sapio. Brought together by their disdain towards the corruption surrounding their everyday lives, they work as private investigators. Gaining as much information as they can, they seek potential allies in their crusade.


The goal?

To take down the "Sincaids".

A powerful and wealthy family who dabble in questionable affairs throughout the world.


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