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Captain Clash

Below was are some boards that were done in order to establish a visual flow for the project. No notes on these, so the dialogue is up to your imagination for now. Some of the animations above are part of the project.

Captain Clash0001
Captain Clash0002
Captain Clash0003
Captain Clash0004
Captain Clash0005
Captain Clash0006
Captain Clash0007
Captain Clash0008
Captain Clash0009
Captain Clash0010
Captain Clash0011
Captain Clash0012
Captain Clash0013
Captain Clash0014
Captain Clash0015
Captain Clash0015b
Captain Clash0016
Captain Clash0017
Captain Clash0018
Captain Clash0019
Captain Clash0020
Captain Clash0021
Captain Clash0022
Captain Clash0023
Captain Clash0024
Captain Clash0025
Captain Clash0026
Captain Clash0027
Captain Clash0028
Captain Clash0029
Captain Clash0030
Captain Clash0031
Captain Clash0032

Metal Mettle: Iron Breakers

Here are some Iron Breaker's Boards. Martial arts vs Henshin wizard. I'm still being quiet/ protective of this property, so take it for what you see for now.

Martial arts vs Wizard 1
Martial arts vs Wizard 2
Martial arts vs Wizard 3
Martial arts vs Wizard 4
Martial arts vs Wizard 5
Martial arts vs Wizard 6
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